Well not me, I don’t hate my job. Do you hate yours? That’s a million dollar question. I bet the answer to that question isn’t far fetched but the real deal is in putting the answer to good use. If you, like me, love what you do, you might as well skip the rest of this text and move on to the next article. But if the answer to that question is a big emphatic ‘NO!’ then let us reason together. Continue reading


3 Ways Procrastination is Killing you

PROCRASTINATIONYou cannot really manage time, says Brian Tracy. You can only manage yourself!

So the concept of time management really should be Self Management. I couldn’t agree more. Let’s turn on our creative mindset for just a minute and imagine that we all had the ability to pause time. Can you for a second imagine what the world would be like today? I am picturing a world where many of the things we see and enjoy today would never have been made. Many tasks would actually never get accomplished and many geniuses would have remained mere men. So the problem has never been time, it has always been you (and me, of course!) When we do not enjoy what we do, as is the case most of the time, it usually takes an extra amount of discipline to push ourselves to do and complete it. Continue reading

Now That You’re Here…

Have you ever felt like you’re trapped in someone else’s life? Are you a typical nine-to-fiver or like it is in my country, eight-to-sixer, spending hours in traffic on your way to work in the morning, having a hellish work day and enduring another two to three hours in traffic on your way home. You wake up on Saturday mornings and realize your kids have added two inches from the last time you saw them, your spouse seems thinner or fatter, the neighbours look different, your building has been repainted and you didn’t notice; you almost thought you woke up in a a wrong house – basically, life seems to pass you bye while you slog away at work weekly. if I just described you above, relax, this blog is meant for you. Continue reading