Now That You’re Here…

Have you ever felt like you’re trapped in someone else’s life? Are you a typical nine-to-fiver or like it is in my country, eight-to-sixer, spending hours in traffic on your way to work in the morning, having a hellish work day and enduring another two to three hours in traffic on your way home. You wake up on Saturday mornings and realize your kids have added two inches from the last time you saw them, your spouse seems thinner or fatter, the neighbours look different, your building has been repainted and you didn’t notice; you almost thought you woke up in a a wrong house – basically, life seems to pass you bye while you slog away at work weekly. if I just described you above, relax, this blog is meant for you.

We sometimes find it hard to believe but we control 80 – 90% of the results we get in our lives. We determine how our lives turn out by the choices that we make every single day and if you don’t like the way you live currently, change it! If you just asked yourself how, my answer is: “Join the train and let us find out!”

What I do not claim…

I do not claim to be the champion of life issues, as a matter fact, I am your everyday young man with a truck load of issues. But this blog will expose you to practical ways to tackle challenges, some of which are my personal experiences.

You are equally welcome to share your experiences. For the sheer complexity of diversity, this blog will only focus on work related issues and how they affect our performances as humans and our lives in general.

My name is Emeka Otoba and I am your host!


6 thoughts on “Now That You’re Here…

  1. Great concept I tell U that will be relevant to many people in and outside Lagos whose spend majority of their life stalked on Lagos roads.

    Look forward reading articles here

    • Thank you, Nomvula. Kindly follow my blog by clicking the “follow” link at the top of the page so you don’t miss any future posts.

  2. I don’t know how much you know about existentialism-that existence precedes essences but different reasons have kept people in chain and shackles of living other peoples life rather standing out in existence. I will follow this to the end because I am an existential philosopher. Thank you Mr. Emeka Otoba this is a brilliant job.

    • Thank you, Oluwafemi. Please remember to click the “follow” link at the top of the page so you don’t miss any future posts.

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