Well not me, I don’t hate my job. Do you hate yours? That’s a million dollar question. I bet the answer to that question isn’t far fetched but the real deal is in putting the answer to good use. If you, like me, love what you do, you might as well skip the rest of this text and move on to the next article. But if the answer to that question is a big emphatic ‘NO!’ then let us reason together.

For a long time I fantasized having my dream job – a job that would let me wake up at ten in the morning, read the papers while sipping from a cup of something good, soak myself in a bath of hot water for one hour while listening to slow music and finally dragging myself to a laptop where I spend the rest of my working hours (which may not exceed two and a half by the way) pounding away at my keyboard and smiling to the bank afterwards. – Well, as a writer, such a job probably exists but not in my current world. And I’m pretty sure that even J. K. Rowling works harder than that. So after a brief moment of this deadly day dream, I woke up to the real world. In the real world, everything is a lot different – I wake up at half past four in the morning and sometimes manage to fall asleep at past midnight, tired as a log of wet wood. I work really hard during the day and try to add a good dose of smartness to balance up and this, for now is my world but in all of it I am not an unhappy man. I love my job. It drains me out but it challenges me daily, keeps me on my toes and puts me among the small percentage of humans who literarily exist to make the lives of others easier – Yes, you guessed right, I am a PA. My other job is writing and I absolutely hope to retire to that someday. This is my life, this is the life I would not trade for that of a movie star’s. This is my dream life, especially when I finally retire to full time writing. This is what I live for.

A lot of people live like me except that they are not happy. They work long hours, are probably lucky enough to get paid good money or else they belong to the other majority who work long and hard and are always broke and unhappy. The question is, is it possible to find a job you truly like? Is it possible to find a job that really makes you happy? The answer is yes and here are a few pointers:

LOOK INWARDS: Everyone’s got something on the inside that they would gladly do anytime and any day for nothing but pure love for it. What would you do for free? What would you help a friend do without thinking of getting paid for it? I was writing for a very long time before I ever realized I could get paid for it. What is that thing that really moves you, which you don’t mind doing even when you are tired? It could be anything, usually things you would mostly ignore. You work long hours during the week and spend your weekends taking pictures of almost anything your camera can shoot at – there’s photography somewhere in your blood. You love children so much you don’t mind spending the whole day with a bunch of troublesome kids, including the neighbor’s – you might be able to run a successful daycare, or even an orphanage. A good self examination would reveal your true love. This might not happen in a flash so don’t panic if you can’t think of anything just yet. These things take time, sometimes.

IT MIGHT NOT COME WITH MONEY: sometimes the ideal job doesn’t pay in cash. Sometimes the currency of the ideal job is happiness. You only need to find out what it is and accept it. The law of consistency eventually pays off, if you are consistent and keep at what you do, putting in as much passion and energy as you would on any other high paying job, I cannot promise that you will be rich but you will be comfortable and happy. You will be amazed how creative the mind can be when it is relaxed and happy, and creativity breeds profit.

LOOK FOR SOMETHING THAT IMPROVES YOU: after a while as a mere executive on my previous job, I got bored and so used to routine that it depressed me just to think I had to go to work the following day. My mind grew bleak and I became short fused. Yes, you can become an angry person over time if you are engage in a career you hate. Everything tends to irritate you. When searching for the ideal job or career path, look for something that improves your entire being. A job that goes beyond the paychecks and adds value to your life. This is usually not an easy task as we live in harsh times these days and one tends to take what they get just to get by but it is always worth the try.

Finding the ideal job takes courage, courage to look within and find answers, courage to take steps. It totally lies with you. But in the end, nothing is worth your happiness. So here is the question, what will you do to enjoy happiness for the rest of your life?


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