The words of our national anthem had never meant so much to me, not because it came from the lips of Beyonce but seeing this video was actually the first time I had heard a bunch of Nigerians chant the song with so much passion and in one place at the same time. I had goose bumps all over listening as they chorused …one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity. My mind darted to the recent decision of Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom and I thought to myself, we have had 54 years of freedom, what have we done with it? While the answer to that question would take us into a long, boring political reflection, I am absolutely grateful for one thing: so far, we are still in one piece! And that is something.

Sometimes I allow myself the pleasure of imagining that things were different; 170 million people, speaking the same language and for once interested in the good of all. Resources manned and managed with the sole aim of the betterment of all Nigerians. Choosing leaders based on competence and not tribalism. I imagine what a country that would be.

This is not an independence speech and I am not running for president. I just happened to stumble on this video on the morning of our 54th independence anniversary and it felt so good to hear Nigerians sing their national anthem with so much spirit. Like many other nations, we have our struggles but it doesn’t change us from being who we are – Nigerians. A good people, a great nation.

Happy independence, Nigeria. God bless our country!


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