You’re a step further in charge of your work (and your personal) life when you learn to rise above negative or ignorant comments and attitude from bosses and colleagues at your work place. Let’s just say, when you get this level of emotional intelligence in place, you literally snatch the keys to your happiness from them and put them back in your pockets.

Negativity in the work place can not only affect you at work but can equally nibble and rub of on your personal life. If not properly dealt with internally, negativity can:

  • Bring about a loss of enthusiasm: there are many reasons why one can be unhappy at their jobs and horrible bosses and intolerable colleagues rank high among the tops. It’s difficult to be enthusiastic about a job where you are least appreciated and jeered at frequently. I remember working at private company owned by a sole proprietor some 8 to 10 years ago and feeling so depressed I thought I had mental issues because my boss was a bear of a man. He would growl and bark at anything that moved, he was constantly arguing with his customers so screaming at me didn’t seem like a problem to him. I realized I wasn’t insane the day I quit that job. The gush of goodness that overtook me was incredible! Negativity streaming from your work place can leave you empty and walking around demotivated.
  • Bring about loss of confidence: if you have ever been bullied at any point in your life you’d totally understand how negativity at your work place can bring about a loss of confidence. You suddenly never become certain of your abilities even when you know you are doing the right thing. You always take the back seat at meetings and become extra shy. You want to disappear from a gathering of people as quickly as possible or be as invisible as you can.
  • Dampen your creativity: creativity blossoms where there is inner peace and abundance of confidence. Negativity is the darkness that swallows this light. When you are almost certain that that light bulb idea would amount to nothing, you would most likely retreat into your shell and let it die. This is a natural killer of careers and you don’t want to be trapped here

So how do you deal with negativity at work?

  1. Know your worth: there is a popular saying that no one can make you feel bad without your permission. This is true, always. Knowing your self worth is dealing with this problem half-way. When you know the stuff you are made up of, you rarely let negativity get to you. It always seem as if there is a brighter future to look forward to. You become more confident that whatever is thrown at you is only temporal.
  2. Rise above their ignorance: this follows closely with realizing your self worth. I published a post recently on this blog titled: GUSH! I HATE MY JOB! and naturally, when this hit LinkedIn, one of my superiors called me to his office to warn me of the danger of this post. He pulled me confidently to the side and pointed at the bold headline. I asked if he had read the article and he replied “No” but he just wanted me to change the title because of what he thought it meant. I politely refused and left his office slightly infuriated. He was speaking out of ignorance and I wasn’t going to let his hasty judgment becloud my creativity. Sometimes, the people who send you negative vibes act out of ignorance and if you know your worth, you’d be equally ignorant to let it bother you! If it doesn’t make you feel like superman (or woman), well as they say: “Drop it like it’s hot!”
  3. Play the politics: this is a little crazy but you have got to do what you have got to do. Every work place has a certain level of politics and it does you no good to sit on the fence. In this context, announce yourself every once in a while. if you have done something you really need to brag about, well, do it! Brag! I’m not suggesting you become an arrogant nuisance. I’m saying, find a way to tell a couple of people about that good and creative thing and let them spread the word for you until it hits the right ears. Hopefully, not every one in your work place is bad and a commendation from others can do you a world of good especially if it comes from above (your superiors, I mean). So, don’t get carried away but play softly and wisely. Politics is a game that is played in almost every company, big or small. Don’t be left out, play…

This is not an antidote to all the negative people in your work place, each individual is unique and I can appreciate that but I hope this helps at least a bit.

If you have handled or are dealing with negativity at your work place please share in the comments section how you handled or are currently handling the situation.


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