Busy All Week? 5 Things You Can Accomplish at Night and Weekends!

BUSY ALL WEEK (Where is jenny.com)

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Life happens while we’re busy trying to get one! And if you belong to the category of people who spend their lives working for others (not that it is a bad thing), ignoring the most important things in their own lives: their dreams, their families etc. then it’s high time you started thinking about how to accomplish other important things with the limited time you have.

If you are a typical nine-to-fiver (or eight-to-sixer), here are a few things you can accomplish in the evening/night and at weekends to move you a few steps closer to your dreams:

  1. Get Educated: you can add a new qualification to your resume, be it a diploma or a degree. Evening classes and weekends present a huge opportunity to catch up on some of the education you missed out on earlier in your life. Most companies attach very high importance to extra qualification and it might just be what you need to go up that ladder in your career. It will not be easy but it also won’t last for ever either. Consider it a minor discomfort for a major career boost. And who says you only have to study to get promoted? What about studying to gain knowledge for that project you have always wanted to execute at some point in your life but didn’t have enough information to carry out?
  2. Plan a Business: virtually every business we know today was birthed from an idea. But ideas need to be pruned and reviewed and acted upon or else they start to fade until all that is left of them are just memories. You don’t want that to happen to you especially if thinking up great business ideas is one of your specialties. You can spend your evenings/weekends brainstorming, drawing up business plans and talking to the right people to help give flesh to your ideas and hopefully start a real business.
  3. Run a Business: although businesses require a lot of time and energy to start and run but there are a hand full of them one can run part time. For instance, certain kinds of supply businesses can work for you during weekends. What about rentals and make-up? I’m pretty sure research would reveal quite a number of businesses you can run part time.  Who says you have to be physically present anyway? You can always hire a hand who does certain things in your absence and reports to you periodically. For instance, owning a grocery store can work for you in this manner since you may not be there all the time.
  4. Learn a Skill or Trade: you would be amazed the extent to which an extra skill or knowledge of a trade can take you. It pays to be versatile. I know a loan broker who makes wonderful dresses in her spare time during the weekends and she makes good money from it too. Take your time to find out what you are passionate about and pursue it. No knowledge gained is ever wasted.
  5. Grow your network: according to a publication on forbes.com one of the things successful people do or should do on weekends is meeting people. Networking is a powerful life tool which everyone should take advantage of. It always comes in handy someday, sometime. You never can tell the extent to which a single contact can enhance your career and the pursuit of your dreams generally. Successful people take this serious and if you want to be one then you should too.

The purpose of this list is not to undermine the place of family, rest, exercise etc. In fact, these things are to be applied in moderation. After all, you know what they say about lots of work without play…

I would really love to read your comments, so please be generous with them!


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